Friday, December 11, 2015

New arrival

She's HERE!

Born 10 December just before 1.30am. Up and drinking very quickly.

Supermodel legs (*swoon*), amazing personality. Very bold, very chilled, very easy going.

 Indy is quite foal proud, but who wouldn't be if this was what you were looking after...

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Being blown off the side of a hill

I am housesitting for one of my trimming clients. When she asked me to housesit her 3 dogs and 3 horses, she suggested I bring my horses along as well! It means I only have to drive to and from work (50-odd kms each way) rather than the 150+ km triangle of here to work to home and back here again. So my horses are on the side of a hill...  huge change from our flat paddocks. They seem to love charging up and down the hill at speed, and don't mind the sheep, lambs, donkeys and pigs next door.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to take Scarlett to a neighbouring farm for a ride. I didn't take Indy along as she is brewing an abscess and limping a bit, and I didn't know the farm at all so wasn't sure about the ground or race condition.

That's Indy, as seen from the highest paddock Scarlett and I rode through (pink arrow in the middle of the picture).

As it turned out, the races were lovely and paddocks in really good shape so today I wanted to take both horses.... Not to be!

Between me taking the top photo from the top of the hill and walking down to catch them, it started raining sideways in gusts and there was even a little hail, not that you can tell from the photo!

I abandoned my ride plans, and it stayed fine until I went out to feed... sigh! The girls are looking really good though, they don't seem to mind the absolutely atrocious weather we've had for the past ten days (good time to be on holiday in the South Pacific).

Sunday, August 16, 2015

T minus 4 months

Time flies, and despite saying I would take heaps of photos, regularly, every time I get halfway out to the paddock I realise I haven't taken my camera. Or it's raining. Or I'm so laden with hay and feeds that I can't possibly balance a camera on top of the precarious stack... Ok, I'm slack, that too.

Here is Indy at 222 days, which is pretty much 2/3 of the way through her pregnancy. She has not continued to expand at the rapid rate she was initially (thankfully!) but is definitely looking more and more broodmare-ish as time goes on. She's starting to develop a bit of a waddle and I see uneven wear in her feet when I trim her (she seems to be taking a more "legs out to brace" stance). She also doesn't find it as easy to keep her legs up for trimming for a long time, so needs frequent breaks... It's totally fine, I just notice her 'asking' for a break to shift her weight around, when she never used to do that.

Sunday, July 26, 2015


Today the ponies and I went on an adventure. Instead of crossing the main road at the Tamahere Interchange to head around the 10km loop, we turned left, towards Matangi. This meant we had to go under the main highway and up the footpath on the side of Tauwhare Road. We turned left again at the top of the hill for a good long trot along Woodcock and Windmill Roads.

Here's the underpass on our way home:

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Photo update!

A couple of photos, taken one day after the last post. I would have taken more but my phone chose that moment to run out of battery!

I will start taking photos at more regular intervals now to track Indy's progress as she approaches the second half of her pregnancy.

This was only the second day I had fed hay - to date the horses have been eating grass only. They were starting to get a bit hungry and had done a good job of trimming all the trees and bushes they could reach over the fence (oops!) so have now been moved. My horses are getting a token feed once or twice a week to get their BioHelp "Equine Supreme," oats and hemp pellets (complete protein),

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Pregnancy progress

It has been a while! Indy has essentially been turned out. During summer I was getting a fair bit of groundwork in, and since daylight savings ended she's lucky if she gets 10 minutes of groundwork a week plus a couple of apples and cuddles!

Way back on 24 March I took her to the vets for another scan. Usually this is done at 40 to 42 days and confirms the foetus has a heartbeat. In consultation with my vet, we decided to delay this scan to 60+ days;
- If she was going to lose it by 40 days, we wouldn't gain anything by knowing then. It was already too late to re-breed, and if the pregnancy lasts more than 40 days the mare won't cycle again that season.
- If she was going to lose it between 40 and 60+ days, it would have been all the more disappointing, as we would have known it was still there at 40.
- If it was still there at 60+ days, it would have been there at 40 ;)
- I wanted to have a go at deciding the sex of the foal, which can be done after 60-65 days.

It was also nice to not have to throw yet another $50 or $60 at a thing that might not be there at all, or might come out upside down, back to front, with five legs and two heads, or not breathing. Who, me... cynical?! ;)

In any case, the scan was delayed a bit to accommodate my vet's holiday, at 77 days, or 11 weeks on the dot.

I got to see the head, the spine, the heart (beating! woohoo!), the shoulders, the pelvis, four legs, and - perhaps most importantly! - two white blobs around the pelvic area. One would be scrotum, which means two is ovaries. Babiche wasn't 100% sure as the little beastie was hiding a bit, but will be very surprised if it pops out as a colt.

That was all very exciting... Of course I'm VERY happy it's most likely a little filly, but the important things were all present and accounted for (heartbeat, legs, head, etc).

The "normal" gestation period for a full size horse is 335 to 360 days (342 on average).
Indy is now a little more than a third of the way through her pregnancy (128 days today). Her expected due date is 9-15 December.

Her foal is between the size of a small kitten and a rabbit, having surpassed the size of a hamster at 60 days and a chipmunk at 80. It is approximately 20-25cm long and 1.5-2kg in weight.

Indy, meanwhile, is already the size of a small bus.