Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Photo update!

A couple of photos, taken one day after the last post. I would have taken more but my phone chose that moment to run out of battery!

I will start taking photos at more regular intervals now to track Indy's progress as she approaches the second half of her pregnancy.

This was only the second day I had fed hay - to date the horses have been eating grass only. They were starting to get a bit hungry and had done a good job of trimming all the trees and bushes they could reach over the fence (oops!) so have now been moved. My horses are getting a token feed once or twice a week to get their BioHelp "Equine Supreme," oats and hemp pellets (complete protein),

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Pregnancy progress

It has been a while! Indy has essentially been turned out. During summer I was getting a fair bit of groundwork in, and since daylight savings ended she's lucky if she gets 10 minutes of groundwork a week plus a couple of apples and cuddles!

Way back on 24 March I took her to the vets for another scan. Usually this is done at 40 to 42 days and confirms the foetus has a heartbeat. In consultation with my vet, we decided to delay this scan to 60+ days;
- If she was going to lose it by 40 days, we wouldn't gain anything by knowing then. It was already too late to re-breed, and if the pregnancy lasts more than 40 days the mare won't cycle again that season.
- If she was going to lose it between 40 and 60+ days, it would have been all the more disappointing, as we would have known it was still there at 40.
- If it was still there at 60+ days, it would have been there at 40 ;)
- I wanted to have a go at deciding the sex of the foal, which can be done after 60-65 days.

It was also nice to not have to throw yet another $50 or $60 at a thing that might not be there at all, or might come out upside down, back to front, with five legs and two heads, or not breathing. Who, me... cynical?! ;)

In any case, the scan was delayed a bit to accommodate my vet's holiday, at 77 days, or 11 weeks on the dot.

I got to see the head, the spine, the heart (beating! woohoo!), the shoulders, the pelvis, four legs, and - perhaps most importantly! - two white blobs around the pelvic area. One would be scrotum, which means two is ovaries. Babiche wasn't 100% sure as the little beastie was hiding a bit, but will be very surprised if it pops out as a colt.

That was all very exciting... Of course I'm VERY happy it's most likely a little filly, but the important things were all present and accounted for (heartbeat, legs, head, etc).

The "normal" gestation period for a full size horse is 335 to 360 days (342 on average).
Indy is now a little more than a third of the way through her pregnancy (128 days today). Her expected due date is 9-15 December.

Her foal is between the size of a small kitten and a rabbit, having surpassed the size of a hamster at 60 days and a chipmunk at 80. It is approximately 20-25cm long and 1.5-2kg in weight.

Indy, meanwhile, is already the size of a small bus.