Sunday, September 6, 2015

Being blown off the side of a hill

I am housesitting for one of my trimming clients. When she asked me to housesit her 3 dogs and 3 horses, she suggested I bring my horses along as well! It means I only have to drive to and from work (50-odd kms each way) rather than the 150+ km triangle of here to work to home and back here again. So my horses are on the side of a hill...  huge change from our flat paddocks. They seem to love charging up and down the hill at speed, and don't mind the sheep, lambs, donkeys and pigs next door.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to take Scarlett to a neighbouring farm for a ride. I didn't take Indy along as she is brewing an abscess and limping a bit, and I didn't know the farm at all so wasn't sure about the ground or race condition.

That's Indy, as seen from the highest paddock Scarlett and I rode through (pink arrow in the middle of the picture).

As it turned out, the races were lovely and paddocks in really good shape so today I wanted to take both horses.... Not to be!

Between me taking the top photo from the top of the hill and walking down to catch them, it started raining sideways in gusts and there was even a little hail, not that you can tell from the photo!

I abandoned my ride plans, and it stayed fine until I went out to feed... sigh! The girls are looking really good though, they don't seem to mind the absolutely atrocious weather we've had for the past ten days (good time to be on holiday in the South Pacific).