Sunday, November 21, 2010


Everyone is injured at the moment!

Scarlett still has a fat hind leg from "that" floating trip. I really don't know what is wrong or if it will go down any further. It is like banging my head against a very large, very solid brick wall and some days I just don't know if we will ever get anything "more" from her...

Both girls enjoyed their visit from Quinn, Friday a week ago. He spent a lot of time on Indy's shoulders/neck, and then a little bit at the end on her near hindquarter.

He spent just about the whole time on Scarlett's hindquarters & sacro area. She was moving a lot more freely the following day (not so uneven) and Indy is obviously feeling HEAPS better as she has started to track up in the paddock, with a more consistent tracking up or even overtracking when I'm groundworking her.

I'm also injured... Last Tuesday I tweaked my lower back when hitching up the float for club. However, with physio and a few dips in Sharon's spa, I am moving around a lot easier now. Anna (physio) has also given me a very small acupuncture needle in my ear which has completely relieved my hayfever and sneezing (brilliant!)

On Thursday evening I tried to take Scarlett out of th epaddock to do some groundwork. Indy ran up and down the fenceline until... going THROUGH the woodpile seemed like a better idea. *roll eyes* She skinned a small patch of hair off a hind leg and some off a front fetlock. Apart from a few sore steps, she has not been lame or needed extra attention.

I am simply trying to get as much groundwork into both mares as I possibly can, with only 2 weeks before the first Peggy clinic. Scary!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope to be able to take Scarlett to Cambridge, so today put her back into the float and asked her to pick up her feet. I just don't know if I will be able to safely get her there - if so, Indy will do both clinics, which will be a BIG ask for the baby pony. We will see...

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