Wednesday, January 21, 2015


We have a blob!
And only ONE blob, so no need to pinch a twin!

Now it's a not-so-anxious wait for the next scan. the vet has suggested either 40 or 60-65 days, the latter to sex. Both aren't totally required, as if it is gone by 60-odd days, it will probably have disappeared before 40. Very pragmatic - if it's going to pop out, it'll pop out, according to Babiche ;)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

D-day tomorrow!

Two weeks of waiting is nearly up... I have to hitch the horse float up tonight and get an hour of work off tomorrow afternoon, so I can get to the clinic for a 4.30pm appointment.

Fingers crossed! Indy has been super grumpy while out and about, frequently making faces and putting her ears back at Pav (who she is often incredibly friendly with) and Billy, and threatening to kick them if they get too close to her. I'm hoping the out-of-character behaviour is indicative of her being in foal.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

On track!

The only time I could see the vet today without leaving Indy at Hannah's (with the resulting two trips to drop off and pick up) was 7am. Fine by me! She was a right tart to catch, preferring to race around the paddock and rark the grazer up, even after I got oats and Scarlett was hanging out eating them! 
Indy hasn't been a pain to catch for the float for a while now, but I'd decided not to take Scarlett along, which may have been what set her off. Loaded up perfectly though and travelled well on the short trip to the clinic.

The scan confirmed she has ovulated and there is absolutely no sign of fluid. We have done everything we can do to ensure she gets in foal this time around, and Indy's done her bit too.

The 15-day scan will be Wednesday 21 January.


Monday, January 5, 2015

A little girl waits...

I couldn't resist that title!

I ordered another dose of semen yesterday, to be sent today, so that Indy could be inseminated after I got home from work and took her to the vet clinic. I still hadn't heard when it would be sent at 11am, so I feel like I spent much of the day waiting to be sure it would actually arrive! In the end it was sent to the stallion owner's partner (I am unsure whether it went on a plane or a courier) and arrived at 3pm. I expect there were several people wanting semen so they did a combined delivery to save costs. Sean picked it up as he's not at work this week, and I thought it would help get us to the vet sooner if I didn't have to detour into Matangi on my way to Cambridge.

The vet sorted Indy out and has recommended a scan in two days to ensure Indy has ovulated and to check for fluid (it is relatively common that mares react to the semen itself, and relatively uncommon, but possible, that they react to the extender used). She may treat for fluid anyway, especially if there is any doubt, as this is our last shot at a foal for the season (Campion was only going to be collected for one month due to his competition schedule). It is also getting very late in the season for a foal.

And so, a little girl waits, again....... (haha!)