Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tidy up

Indy had a haircut while standing in the hoof bath tonight.

I am not sure if she should go out in public for a while.

'Nuf said.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Big adventures

Where are we at? I have lost all track of days - worked 4 days, travelled Scarlett to Trisha's for the first clinic, clinic-ed 4 days, worked 2 days, travelled Indy to Auckland, clinic-ed 4 days, travelled home, worked today... I think tomorrow is Friday and then I finally get a weekend??

All went well for Indy's microchip. Except the day before, I got a message to come at 7.30 instead of 8am.... Got there at 7.20 and had to wait until - yes, you guessed it - 8.10 for the vet to show up. Sigh! The vet was good and quick. She hardly noticed the chip going in (big fat needle, ewww) and then we were back on our way to Auckland.

At Bobbie's place, we got to meet Lucy, the new foal, and have a squizz around her place before setting off for Karaka. Bobbie and I took the scenic, then VERY scenic routes. But that meant that by the time we got there and did a lightning-fast exchange of bridle and cash with a boardie just outside the entrance gate, Jen, Jude & Jane had set up the picnic blanket and got out all the supplies: perfect timing, if you ask me ;) ;)

We left Puhinui around 4pm so I had a quick toastie at Bobbie's before loading Indy around 6pm. I missed most of the traffic & had a fairly smooth trip up to Waimarie.

Clinic, day 1

Lots of people stuff in the morning. After lunch we got the horses out in a pair then group of 3, for groundwork then a short ride. Groundwork included out-in-forward as well as some basic independent-legs work over poles.
The climate at Waimarie is interesting. It is in a valley & has its own microclimate so can be very hot, very cold, very wet. It was VERY WINDY today. Poor Indy had a bit of a meltdown: she was very good for groundwork but when I hopped on it was all just a bit much so we had a few moments with legs off the ground. Trisha led us around until Indy settled. When she was quiet and soft, I got off.

Clinic, day 2

I've forgotten what we did on day two... more people stuff for sure... Definitely more groundwork.
Peggy introduced some variations on the out-in-forward exercise and a second pole to walk over with independent legs.
A new-ish exercise, that Peggy had shown me with Scarlett, of standing with hand softly on the halter and asking the horse to move one foot at a time in a small S.
Indy really checked out after those exercises and had to have a HUGE nap in the arena.
Oh! I sat on her for a grand total of 30 seconds as she had a moment with the mounting block and me getting on - we went back to some groundwork to get her releasing her head and neck completely.

Clinic, day 3

Today Peggy had us come out individually. It was DREADFULLY hot so we all cooked. Lots of sunblock and a few umbrellas for any tidbits of shade we could find.
Indy was first up after lunch. We concentrated on releasing head, neck, etc.
A new exercise of standing at her head, hand snug on the rope at the halter, asking the horse to move "around" (helps to get them crossing their back legs) with independent footfalls.
Some good stretching & heart girth to try and get her bending more through her ribcage. She settled well so I rode, with more emphasis on preparing her for mounting: Peggy had said we would do a mounting session if that's what Indy needed. I did get on and off twice, but she was really good so we rode.
I really need to remember to own my elbows and slow them down. It helps her hugely. I must also exaggerate my rotation to make it really clear to her, remember my wiggle to keep me "still" and her going, and engage the hind legs by suction-ing my legs.

Clinic, day 4

Today, it rained. And rained. And rained! Torrential - lovely! Instead of the original plan of one-by-one in the morning, we checked out photos from the first three days. At the first fine break, we scuttled out to the arena.
We'd put the horses in the covered yards to get them dry. Indy came out full of beans (which reminded me why yarding them is not good, even for a short time!). She settled quickly and did some nice groundwork. I got on & really played with remembering all the things *I* need to do to keep her moving nicely. She moves well when I remember everything.

I do need to fiddle with her new saddle to bring the front up a bit: it is pushing me into a chair seat. I must remember to keep my heels at the back of my boots. Indy also needs more bodywork to release over-tight muscles in her shoulders & her hamstrings.

Peggy said she'd happily take Indy home - pretty good for an "unsound broodmare," huh! :D

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Off to Auckland

Tomorrow morning I will get up at the crack of dawn to load Indy & get on the road.

We have an 8am appointment with Te Rapa vets to microchip & ID her (fiiiiiiinally!) for her NZWBA registration.
Then onto Karaka where she'll spend the day at Bobbie's place while we (Jude, Jenny, Bobbie, Jane & any other hangers-on-ers) head to Puhinui.

After we leave Puhinui I'll continue on to Waimarie, drop her & the float off and then to Albany to stay with Adrienne overnight... the next Peggy clinic starts on Saturday and I. Can't. Wait. !!!! I had a great time at the last clinic with Scarlett (it did her the world of good, too) so I am really looking forward to making some decent progress with Indy.

Another high point from today is... new tack! A box from Sparrow just arrived at work. How exciting. There is a lovely shaped, elasticated, jumping girth, a set of stirrup leathers with extra holes for my short-ass legs (LOL!) and a bridle for the madam pony. The colour, old brown, will match her RP saddle very well (it's really quite delicious; nom nom nom!).

PS... The Sales list is dwindling, sort of! I am taking the 2 Albions & the Kieffer to Saddle4You to sell on behalf. The RP has sold to Sparky's person Steph. The only saddle I'll have left is the little Bates GP.
One addition is the bridle I have been using on Indy, seeing the new one has arrived: it is a black, hack-size Sparrow bridle. This style suited Indy so well I bought the same one, just in brown and with a cavesson nose rather than the flash nose this one has (I don't use the flash strap anyway).
It is in "basically" new condition (really only been broken in to be honest).
Brass fittings. 13mm strapping, 16mm brow, 19mm nose.
Padded but not raised nose & brow. No reins or bit (though I could find a plain snaffle to go with it if desired). 
$195 + post (replacement cost is $395 incl reins... eek...).

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A wee update

I've been neglecting the blog lately!

I'm doing my best to get  both girls in the soaking baths as frequently as possible - so far that's not EVERY day, but 5+ times per week. Indy is very cheeky: she tries to sneak over to Scarlett's bath, or get out of her own, or steal Scarlett's dinner/hay... anything to avoid standing still for longer than she has to!! Feeding them in the bath is a little problematic as they lose focus as soon as dinner is finished; hay takes longer to eat and I can top it up.

Indy went to Club again on Tuesday. Arrived sweaty as always but settled straight away. We did a little groundwork then helped a friend with her youngster, who didn't know what to do or look at or think first, there was a LOT going on! Indy was very happy to stand around & eat while I was busy. It was a good outing for her, about 10 mins of brainpower before an hour of chilling out.
I loaded up at 7 to be home in time for an online study session at 8pm.

Indy's new RP saddle arrived on Tuesday. I haven't had a chance to fit it yet (I thought I might do it at club but ran out of time... and will power to fiddle with aviation-strength velcro).

I've sold a few things off the mega list and made some final decisions about others. But there is still a heck of a lot here!!
Someone off the board bought the Sparrow bridle. Today, Sparky's person Steph bought the RP dressage saddle.
The 2 Albions & Catherine's Kieffer will go to Saddle4You when I'm up in Albany/Waimarie next week (though one person from Waitoki wants to try the Albion Style dressage), to be sold on behalf. Susan took the Kieffer again to try it but wasn't really sure as the horse she was buying for may go back to his owner after all.
That will leave me with only the Bates GP and the various other tack, boots, & miscellaneous items.

The saddles have the most money tied up in them so I will be happy to see them go... I will be able to buy new mounts & a bridle for Indy's saddle, then fund the permit application & building of my shed (which is STILL sitting on the front lawn, 8 months after it was delivered... oops). I would also like to look at changing my float to a staight load; if Scarlett truly isn't happy in the angle then maybe going back to a straight load, with one extra wide space for her and a normal space for Indy, might be OK.
I will need to talk to Bob Birkett (truck builders) about what is possible. Freeway are both too far away and too set in their ways (I have already enquired about changing the back doors).

Time for bed...