Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It is HERE!

Indy's saddle arrived 4 days after my last post. Warp speed!

I did not get the chance to try it on that day, as Carmen and I went out to trim Tui, Grace and Hannah together. I needed photos for my case studies for CE, my first as an SHP. Some photos were taken in the dark. I can't get my head around the ever-decreasing amount of daylight going into winter.

Zen was booked to come on Wednesday afternoon. I also ended up with a job interview! That went well and was shorter than I expected so I did manage to throw the saddle on Indy for a few minutes, and have a very short wander around the paddock. Everything seemed OK, even though Indy was confused by the lack of appropriate head gear (she only had her normal leather halter on, rather than her CR halter and/or bridle).

Then it was off to Christchurch for CE. What a fabulous trip! No major earthquakes (to be honest I didn't notice any aftershocks, either), though they apparently had a fairly large one at 10pm on Sunday, after we left. The weather was fabulous; several degrees colder than Hamilton but clear, sunny days with mostly cloudless skies.
I am very pleased with Tui's progress over the past two and a half months - her case study showed huge changes. She is testament to the horse's ability to heal, given the chance.

I squeezed in a very short ride on Monday evening after mum got home from work. She took photos... of Indy's socks and glowing red eyes, the reflector on my helmet, and not much else! Whoops, it was quite dark before 6pm...

Today, Anzac day, Jacqui came over to ride in the morning. We did a little groundwork to start. Scarlett was very present and focussed; Indy coped very well with some minuscule stuff around her head/poll/atlas. Then it was time to mount up and head out!! We took the easy route down Birchwood and across to Riverfields... Stopped to talk to the person who's little white fluffball dog came out barking, negotiated our way past the person mowing an empty section, had a minor loss of forwards momentum at his car + trailer set up (both horses were asked to circle and engage hind ends!) then a tiny stretch of trot across the road and back down Birchwood. All in all, a very nice ride. I am stoked with both horses... especially Indy ;) she seems to love the new saddle (I certainly do).

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