Sunday, August 16, 2015

T minus 4 months

Time flies, and despite saying I would take heaps of photos, regularly, every time I get halfway out to the paddock I realise I haven't taken my camera. Or it's raining. Or I'm so laden with hay and feeds that I can't possibly balance a camera on top of the precarious stack... Ok, I'm slack, that too.

Here is Indy at 222 days, which is pretty much 2/3 of the way through her pregnancy. She has not continued to expand at the rapid rate she was initially (thankfully!) but is definitely looking more and more broodmare-ish as time goes on. She's starting to develop a bit of a waddle and I see uneven wear in her feet when I trim her (she seems to be taking a more "legs out to brace" stance). She also doesn't find it as easy to keep her legs up for trimming for a long time, so needs frequent breaks... It's totally fine, I just notice her 'asking' for a break to shift her weight around, when she never used to do that.

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