Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The beginning...

Stiletto (Indy) stepped off the Horsemovers truck on Jan 22... She was still Dancer then. She was a very pretty girl & I liked her straight away.

It was a big jump to buy her sight unseen (though Karen & Melda did check her out for me), and she was Top Secret from the moment I saw her sale ad.

She spent a couple of months chilling out and just being a horse - first in with Joanie on Matangi Rd, then onto the HLHC grazing next to Cobham Drive. I snuck her up for a lesson with Trisha in March, but other than that I really only checked on her, trimmed her feet & did the odd short session of groundwork. She got dinner most nights in winter.

In July I decided it was time to ride so ramped up the groundwork... just a smidge ;) She was very good. Limited time & bad weather meant I only rode twice so she continued to hang out with her herd.

Midway through August I - finally! - told mum about her. Within a week mum suggested bringing her home to graze. I had her at home for one night in August to see if she and Scarlett would get on. I took her up for another lesson with Trisha then floated her back to Cobham Drive to eat out her two weeks' notice.

Two weeks after that - when dad had left for a 2 week holiday - I loaded her into the float to bring her home for good...

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