Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bootcamp prep

Trisha had a 4-day residential clinic booked for this week and wanted a spare horse or two. Of course, I volunteered Scarlett - I'm not one to turn down free training opportunities ;) It also made it easier for me to devote two weeks to getting Indy ready for Trisha.
So, with that still in the works, Tuesday nearly two weeks ago I roped Jude in to be my Spotter on very short notice; "are you free?" "Yep, see you in five." The weather closed in and I nearly piked out but she was already offline so I was stuck!

Indy was nervous at being asked to leave Scarlett, walk up the Very Scary Driveway, stand still not very still so I could get *some* mud off her, tack her up and walk her out to the paddock. I should have done more groundwork before getting on: Hindsight - isn't a wonderful thing?! I really only asked her to walk on, turn in each direction and stop, which she coped with well, so I called it a day.

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