Thursday, December 9, 2010

Off to Auckland

Tomorrow morning I will get up at the crack of dawn to load Indy & get on the road.

We have an 8am appointment with Te Rapa vets to microchip & ID her (fiiiiiiinally!) for her NZWBA registration.
Then onto Karaka where she'll spend the day at Bobbie's place while we (Jude, Jenny, Bobbie, Jane & any other hangers-on-ers) head to Puhinui.

After we leave Puhinui I'll continue on to Waimarie, drop her & the float off and then to Albany to stay with Adrienne overnight... the next Peggy clinic starts on Saturday and I. Can't. Wait. !!!! I had a great time at the last clinic with Scarlett (it did her the world of good, too) so I am really looking forward to making some decent progress with Indy.

Another high point from today is... new tack! A box from Sparrow just arrived at work. How exciting. There is a lovely shaped, elasticated, jumping girth, a set of stirrup leathers with extra holes for my short-ass legs (LOL!) and a bridle for the madam pony. The colour, old brown, will match her RP saddle very well (it's really quite delicious; nom nom nom!).

PS... The Sales list is dwindling, sort of! I am taking the 2 Albions & the Kieffer to Saddle4You to sell on behalf. The RP has sold to Sparky's person Steph. The only saddle I'll have left is the little Bates GP.
One addition is the bridle I have been using on Indy, seeing the new one has arrived: it is a black, hack-size Sparrow bridle. This style suited Indy so well I bought the same one, just in brown and with a cavesson nose rather than the flash nose this one has (I don't use the flash strap anyway).
It is in "basically" new condition (really only been broken in to be honest).
Brass fittings. 13mm strapping, 16mm brow, 19mm nose.
Padded but not raised nose & brow. No reins or bit (though I could find a plain snaffle to go with it if desired). 
$195 + post (replacement cost is $395 incl reins... eek...).

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