Saturday, January 8, 2011

Out of the paddock

Heather is back for two weeks from Aussie and asked if she could come for a ride with me! Exciting.

I got both mares ready & she got on Scarlett at the mounting block. I led Indy to the paddock and did a tiny bit of groundwork. Heather rode Scarlett around while I got ready to get on. Then we walked around the paddock a couple of times (for safety's sake!) and walked out the gate into the driveway...

We walked down our lane then crossed the road to the new subdivision lane (name escapes me at the moment). Indy did really well - a few looky moments but considering she's only been walked down the lane once (way back in Sept when she came home), not bad at all!

She got a little overloaded coming back down our lane so I hopped off and led her the rest of the way home, fiddling with a little groundwork as we walked.

I am very pleased with her first outing. It was nice to have Scarlett there as company & a familiar face, plus she can be relied on to keep going most of the time, or circle or stop if Indy needed a moment to gather up all her brain cells ;)

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