Sunday, January 2, 2011

Quick update

I've managed to ride Indy AND Scarlett for the past two days - well done me! (*pats self on back*).

Yesterday afternoon I rode Indy while mum was gardening, so she could keep an eye on us. Today I rode after dinner, again mum went to do some gardening but down the drive this time so I'm not really sure how much of us she could see through the trees!

Indy was a little more active today; I put her out on one line to ask for some trot (I thought about doing transitions but got stuck once she was trotting, oops). She had a couple of moments at canter, too (unplanned, though once she was going I asked her to do a couple of circles).

She really resents any nagging with the wand, and sometimes doesn't understand what I am asking her (for example, when I try to stroke down her neck, chest and front leg tp steady her gait and stop her rushing, she will often swing out like I'm going to beat her!).

Today's ride was really nice. I asked for walk then trot in both directions, then some halt transitions, TOF both ways, and finally some walk.

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