Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cleaning & selling!

I wrapped myself in several warm layers after work this afternoon with all the good intentions in the world (I wanted to go for a short ride) but it started raining just as I was picking Scarlett's boots out of the float. So I collected up all the gear still hanging in there, which ALL needed cleaning (the float is too damp and cold for leather in winter).

A load of washing went on, too (saddle blankets & girths). There are a couple more in the float that I didn't bring in today... will do them tomorrow before I clean the horse hair out of the washing machine ;)

After all the leather tack was wiped down and conditioned, there was a huuuuuuuuge sprawling pile of tack on the lounge floor. So, it's sale list time again!

I have sold SO much stuff since I last made a list. Many of these items are on trademe, username eschey.

* Anti-gall girth, black, 70 cm, no elastic $25
* Mattes GP shaped girth, 110cm, cream fleece with sable (brown-y-beige) quilt, used only a handful of times so in "as new" condition $175
* Mattes shaped GP girth, 110cm, black/black, never taken out of packet. $185
* Mattes straight dressage girth, 70cm, black/black. 'Narrow' version (8cm wide rather than 10cm), used once but wrong size. $155
* Black Stubben 'Trevira' string girth (synthetic). Approx 157 cm long (that is not a typo, it is a LOOOOONG girth)  Hardly ever used (completed a few rides with a 17.3 and 3/4 TB...). $50
* Sparrow turnout girth (covered buckles) 75cm long, black . Excellent, near-new condition, hardly used. Buttery soft leather. $125

* Bates Caprilli GP 16.5" $500 neg, comes with irons.

* Albion Style (SL) dressage, 17", M $2500, unmounted, excellent condition
* Albion Legend jump saddle, MW, 17.5" seat. Black, suede knee rolls, moveable (velcro) knee blocks. Some minor scuffs and fading of colour. $3k neg, comes with Sparrow stirrup leathers.

Bridles, breastplate, halter, strapping
* Hack size Sparrow bridle, excellent condition. $200. Brass fittings, black leather. Lovely quality & condition, but Indy's RP saddle is brown so this is surplus. No reins.
* Black hack or possibly full size Peter Horobin "Horson" bridle, s/s fittings. Comfort poll headpiece. Lovely quality leather, well looked after, doesn't fit my current nags! Non-matching web reins incuded. No bit. $150
*5.5 inch double-jointed Baucher snaffle. Mouthpiece is similar metal to Sprenger's Aurigan, however it is not a Sprenger bit. "bean" centre joint. $50 incl post. * Hack size leather halter, dark brown, brass fittings. Good quality leather, well used, lots of life left though. Has a nameplate (easy to flip over and engrave on other side, or new ones are approx $20)... or you might like to leave the nameplate, it says " V I P " lol! $60
* Mid to dark brown Western split reins. Approx 225cm long. Nice leather. $40
* Kineton noseband, approx size cob, can measure if you are interested. Mid-brown leather (though if you wante another colour, you could get a saddler to attach new leather to the metal pieces). $50

*Sparrow dark brown (dark havana) cob size breastplate. Elastic 'Y' style.
Removable martingale rings. Brass fittings. Well used but lots of life left yet. Good quality, well-made. $100.
Various bits
@ assorted prices, please ask. Most bits are 5 inch, some 5.5.
plain s/s loose ring and eggbutt snaffles, sweet-iron & German silver loose rings, brass dutch gag, Korsteel curved bit, apple-mouth eggbutt, s/s french link, brass anti-rearing bit with leather head strap, several Sprenger bits incl 5" Aurigan Weymouth and 4 3/4" WH Ultra Soft.
Hoof boots
* Easyboots size 1 (older style without gaiters) $50
* Davis hoof boot, black, size 3, $20 (one only). Ideal poultice boot.
*BRAND NEW Full leather chaps, made by Matamata Saddlery. Never worn as don't fit me! Would fit slim adult or tall child (stamped 'S' for small, my best guess is approx size 8 to 10). Plain, full grain black leather with zips up the sides. Buckle front and back at waist. $100
* Lunge roller, with leather side reins. Leather. Good quality. On behalf, hack size. $90 ono.
* Lunge roller, fabric, approx cob to hack size (only marginally smaller than the leather one). $40.
* Couple-Mate trailer reversing guide to help hitch up trailers. Heavy but not bulky item so shouldn't be much to post. $100 ono.
* A pair of N.E.W. bell boots, brand new. Small, $30
* Large tack trunk. Painted black. Approx 1m long, and 60? cm high and wide. Hinged lid. Very heavy, needs two people to lift. It fit in the boot of my Surf (SUV) when I bought it, just!

I am sure there will be more lurking in the car, float, tack shed or my room...

Please note: all prices are plus post. Pickup from Hamilton is welcome. I may be able to arrange getting items to Auckland, Tauranga or Taupo.

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