Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Connected plans

Dates for Peggy's December clinics have been set. This year, there is also some CR Practitioner training on offer. From an initial pool of 15 'interested' people, when push came to shove, only 4 sent in an application and a deposit so I am one of the 4 who will take part in CRP 101 in November... I am super excited.

I also paid deposits for both 4-day clinics. Like last year, Scarlett will go to one and Indy to the other.

For the first time EVER, both clinics are already full. All 18 spots were 'booked' by the end of June.

This does mean I need to get back on the ponies to get them fit & ready for clinics... My knee is healing well. I saw my physio yesterday so have a few things to work on. I am walking nearly normally (no real sign of a limp) and have been out on my bike a couple of times. Next step will be doing some groundwork with Scarlett, then if I feel up to it, riding. I will leave Indy until I am totally happy dealing with Scarlett.

Also confirmed is Peggy's appearance at Equidays. She will do a demo each day.
IBEM/Strasser Hoofcare NZ will also have a stand. I have said I can do some time on both stands. I would really like to watch all of Peggy's demos.

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