Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dentist day, and some anniversaries

The dentist was scheduled to come and see the ponies tomorrow, but ended up with some spare time today so came past at 5pm. Indy was OK to start, then began objecting to the gag, so we took it off and put her in the yard. However, she continued to out-smart us while trying to get away of the rasping noise (she is too tall for the dentist to stay with when she puts her head up, and even lifted the dentist off her feet a few times!) so we gave her a bit of space while we did Scarlett's teeth, then came back to finish Indy's teeth after she'd settled down.

It is nice to have the same professionals deal with your horses on an on-going basis. She remembers a lot about Scarlett's behaviour immediately after she came home from lease in 2009, and so on. We had a good chat about her condition (mental and physical) and also her teeth, which are always going to need a little more than "just maintenance" but are in quite a good place now. I've been quite careful to ensure she gets regular checks over the past few years as she has a crooked tooth on one side; she usually has work done every 9 months, and is checked at least every 6. The dentist said the crooked tooth isn't causing any issues and also noted Scarlett isn't packing food away in the "pocket" between that tooth and the cheek, like she has in the past: a good sign.

Indy has had dentistry done every 6 months since I got her, which was two years ago yesterday! The dentist was really pleased with her teeth today and said she should only need her teeth done in a year. I'll get her checked when Scarlett's teeth are next due, just in case.

Another anniversary falls today - Shelley dying. So, the wee black pony has been here almost twelve years... time flies.

On that note, make the most of the time you've got with your horses and your people. They are precious, and I can say the ones I've had have been very good teachers.

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