Sunday, January 22, 2012

No important news

I'm so ridiculously frustrated (obsessively so) with this saddle fit thing, given I don't have enough brave pants to want to get on Indy bareback. I am not having any fun telling people over and over that she truly, really, honestly needs an extra wide saddle. No, not a W, not a MW... an XW. Honestly.

I am nearly at the stage where I will call someone like Abbi to come and produce a set of tracings for me, just in case I'm such a numpty that I honestly can't do it myself, and I could well be flattening out the flexi between the horse's back and the paper, aye... *sigh*
On that note, here's yesterday's attempt.

In happier, less ranty news (LOL!) , Annika came over to ride today so Scarlett and Mack had an outing. Of course, five minutes after they arrived Scarlett decided to show Mack that she was fully in season so we had to cope with a tarty pony trying to pee all over Mack the whole time we were out... charming!
In ranting about my saddle with Annika, I realised what I should do is take a back mould (using casting material for broken limbs, or something!) and see if that gets people to understand how broad Indy is. Half the problem is she hasn't really had an ill-fitting saddle on, and we do HEAPS of groundwork, so she has an excellent topline and very good muscling, despite being relatively unfit. I am starting to wonder how much muscle damage and incorrect training happens with a large proportion of horses...


  1. saddle fitting..............urgh.............

  2. Ahhh yes, You understand this game... I have finally ordered a saddle. XW Albion Jump, dark brown. Should be sent to the saddler the week of 19 March, he'll check it over then send it to me. I hope it arrives here around Easter (preferably before, of course!).