Wednesday, January 7, 2015

On track!

The only time I could see the vet today without leaving Indy at Hannah's (with the resulting two trips to drop off and pick up) was 7am. Fine by me! She was a right tart to catch, preferring to race around the paddock and rark the grazer up, even after I got oats and Scarlett was hanging out eating them! 
Indy hasn't been a pain to catch for the float for a while now, but I'd decided not to take Scarlett along, which may have been what set her off. Loaded up perfectly though and travelled well on the short trip to the clinic.

The scan confirmed she has ovulated and there is absolutely no sign of fluid. We have done everything we can do to ensure she gets in foal this time around, and Indy's done her bit too.

The 15-day scan will be Wednesday 21 January.


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