Saturday, December 27, 2014

Hay and a new friend

We had approx 8-10 ac of grass cut for hay around 11am on 24 Dec. It wasn't turned until this morning (27 Dec) but looks set for baling tonight. I've had the horses in the driveway because I was expecting tractors, but the contractor didn't want to pay stat holiday rates to his staff so didn't send anyone to turn it on 25 or 26 Dec... Would have been nice of him to tell us that in advance!!!

In any case, the driveway grass was getting quite long and was overdue for the horses to spend a weekend in there.

Today I picked up our new temporary grazer. It is a new client's horse who is really not doing well on the grass where it has been grazed to date (very spooky and staggery) so we'll see if it does any better on our place. Indy is busy telling the newbie the rules - "No, you cannot speak to me."  "No, you cannot speak to Scarlett."  "No, you cannot come over here." So far it's been ugly faces and ears back only, and I hope it doesn't escalate to anything more harmful! After the hay is baled they can all go into the vineyard paddock where there is tons of space to move around and get out of each others way.

I best go have a nap so I am alive for hay baling! I expect we will get well over 500 bales (we had 500 last year and I've had two more acres locked up this year; though it hasn't been growing for quite as long, it's pretty thick). At least it won't be super hot at 6pm, and we'll have a decent amount of light to pull the hay in. I will take 100 bales and we also need to take in 100-150 for the neighbour. In theory the rest has been spoken for (6-8 people wanting an average of 50 bales each). It isn't supposed to rain/shower until after lunch tomorrow so we should also have time to clean up tomorrow morning if we get stuck tonight.

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