Monday, December 8, 2014

Long, long time, no post!

It's been... erm... a long time.  A very long time indeed!

I'd like to say I've been busy (I have, promise!) but I've also been a bit slack on taking photos and making any sort of record about progress with Indy.

We've had a few ups and a few downs along the way. Overall, she has come a long, long way since I last posted anything on this blog.

The newest development is that I somehow won a service to the gorgeous Holstein stallion "Campion". I never expected to win when I entered the competition, then i did, and so, this is him! I cruised over to WEC to watch him compete in test 5D, and prior to his test I stalked him in the warmup. Isn't he purdy?

I have stolen, erm, borrowed these photos from his facebook page, because they show him off nicely For reference, here is his page, with lots of information about him and the first few of his offspring:

He is 10yo and has done lots already in life. His has a few offspring, the oldest are 4 years old and starting to be broken in.

I got to meet him after his test and he was a real "pony" presence: a bit roly-pony in shape (and I mean nice and round, not fat!!!). He was busy searching for his post-ride cookie when his saddle was taken off, before anything else! He appeared to be really well socialised: not bothered in the slightest by any of the other horses around. I could tell he loved his job as he was so chilled about everything and happy to do anything asked of him without fuss. He moved nicely, and best of all he liked cuddles.... That's my kind of horse!!

So, Miss Indy is off to be a mama. She had her first scan the other day which showed she had plenty of eggs and had ovulated two days prior. The plan is to administer a PG injection on Thursday afternoon, which will be 5 days after the scan, then scan again another 5 days after that, and order the semen that day. Perfect timing really as Campion's collection 'season' starts on the 15th which is about when we'll be ordering it, then we have a month to get her in foal before he is back competing over summer. I'm lucky to have a very good vet on the job who comes highly recommended.

In about 10 days I'll be looking for "dark bay filly with bling" vibes, thanks very much ;)

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