Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Nothing to report

I took Indy to the vet clinic for her scan today. The vet couldn't find an embryo, and suggested re-scanning in 4 days (Sunday), in case Indy took a day or two to ovulate and the embryo is still too small to be seen. They are usually only able to be detected from 14 days, and today was just barely 15 days since insemination (technically not even 15 days, as she was inseminated at about 8.45pm, and today's scan was at 1pm).

Keep those dark-filly-with-bling jingles going for another few days! If there isn't anything on Sunday, we will have to PG and try again. At this stage, giving a PG injection could cause abortion, if there is an embryo, so it is safer to wait a few more days until the embryo will definitely be large enough to detect.

The vet who scanned Indy was also the vet who helped save Scarlett when she coliced a few weeks ago, so it was nice to be able to tell her Scarlett had recovered and was looking as good as ever! Bright moment in the otherwise fairly dismal day.

On that slightly melancholic note, I hope your New Year's Eve is filled with fun, laughter and love. Roll on 2015!

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