Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cranio sacral - feedback

Both girls have been chilling out in the paddock since their treatments on Thursday morning.

Scarlett was quite deliberate on Thursday avo when I went out to see them - she didn't rush over to me or crowd my space. Today she was walking very well, not rushy, nice overstep. She is also more respectful of my space (of course she wants treats and cuddles, but hasn't been so in my face about it).
Indy is much happier to come see me and be handled. I haven't taken a halter out with me, yet, which is some type of trigger for her (she tends to decide whatever I'm about to do definitely isn't what she wants to do!).
She appears to be walking a lot free-er and her super-tight hamstrings don't look quite so "over inflated."

I am very happy with what I have noticed so far. When it gets a bit cooler this afternoon/evening, I will do some groundwork with them.

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