Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cranio sacral

Today both horses got some cranio sacral work. Peggy suggested Indy would benefit way back in December, but this was the earliest I could get Zen to come out.

She was very gentle with the horses & they seemed to like it. A few sticky spots (specifically Scarlett near her poll and Indy in her HQs) but otherwise it was a case of starting the unlocking process off. I will get her out again after I am back from Christchurch, in mid-late Feb.

On Tuesday I took Indy to Club again. She loaded & travelled extremely well, only a tiny bit sweaty when we got there. I was tacked up in time for the pre-ride meeting; I didn't ride in a group (it was an XC training night!) so found someone else with a young horse who wanted to potter around. Indy did SO well - Shaz text me after to say she looked stunning. I could really feel the improvement in her coping ability.
I definitely need to thank Annika for helping me get Indy out and about down the lane :) as that's a huge part of this progress.

Both girls will get the weekend off, if I get a chance I will do a bit of groundwork but Zen said I shouldn't ride for a few days, to allow the CS stuff to settle and process.
I do have to tidy up their feet (I didn't quite finish Indy's on Monday as it started to rain, and Scarlett is due for a touch up as her last trim was 2 weeks ago) and take photos, so will aim to get that done on Sunday.

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