Sunday, February 27, 2011


Life has been fairly interesting of late.

We spent 8 days down in Christchurch: 3 mentor days with Thorsten then 5 days of Practicum, trimming basiaally the whole time. We were absolutely shattered by the end of the week and very glad to be home... 18 hours later, even more so, when we heard about the second major earthquake in Christchurch within the last 6 months. Scary, scary stuff which definitely makes you appreciate the people and animals you have around you.

The trimming time showed up some errors in my trimming. Though I have made changes since mentor days with Carmen, I am not seeing quite what I need to.
I have to be sure I have trimmed the bars correctly, and, surprise surprise, my scoops are still buggered!!!! Bane of my life, those things... *mutter mutter* I was so enthused when I came home that I've not trimmed my two yet! That is this week's job. Zen is also coming to do another cranio sacral session with both girls on Tuesday afternoon.

Yesterday, Saturday, I took Indy for a clinic day at Trisha's. She was really good. A huge lightbulb for me in the morning came when Trisha mentioned 'connecting within myself'... oh. Duh! I've been forgetting ME! What a dummy... Changing that changed the way Indy went quite dramatically (...Oh, really?!).

I need to do some two-people work to get her releasing around her heart-girth; Trisha & I did some work, one person on the line and one person doing heart-girth presses, shoulder delineation, etc, which got her moving outwards on the circle more (rather than collapsing in).
I also need to MAKE her move, rather than let her mooch. She CAN and DOES stride out: I must not accept a shuffle or 'short' stride.

We also found the GO button under saddle :D so did a fair bit of trot work. She had the hugest snooze after that.

Moving on, I will work on simple changes of direction, letting her stride out and move forward actively, being direct and clear in my aids so that she does what I want (but... I also need to decide what I want!). Her odd moments of deciding she's not going the way I think I'm asking for must be due to me not connecting within myself and also forgetting my outside elbow (and outside suction-cup leg). She did it once, before I mentioned it to Trisha, then was great for the rest of the lesson after I started using my brain.

I am enjoying this over-sized pony more and more as time goes on.

Finally, some photos! Sharon took these on her mobile when I realised I'd ridden out with a flat battery in my camera.

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