Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I am so stoked!

Today I went to Club and helped out with their working bee. I trimmed the rosemary bushes around the hedge, picking up branches/dead wood around the trees and dragged it all to the fire.

Indy was good tied to the float - even had a bit of a snooze despite all the activity (people all over, chainsaw, hedge trimmer, tractor with trailer, impromptu bonfire, etc).

Quick tack up and very short 5 mins groundwork before I hopped on at the trough, hoping like mad that she wouldn't move and knock me in, haha!

She was SO supple to ride, very keen to go forward, easy to turn.

We mooched around the grounds, checking out the show jumps, the scary grass/dirt patch where barrels had been, and all the jump fillers until other people were doing something & then joined in.

She was good with company. People rode close to (and towards) her at walk and trot, stood next to us, left - she took it all in her stride.
We rode in and out of the jumps over there, knocked one tiny cross bar over when we stepped over it at a near standstill, investigated the bending poles and flags (very scary), attempted to walk the bending course (stopping to investigate every flag, of course, with the odd quick step sideways when one moved)... then people started jumping.
The jumps were the baby course, set up for Sunday's practice SJ, and about as low as they could possibly be.

I walked over a cross rail then gathered up the courage to trot in. She was great! Jumped it quite big and then cantered after... very bouncy... threatened to buck, perhaps in delight. I asked for a better trot at the next attempt so her canter was better, though still very bouncy. The final jump was the nicest. Then they put it up so we stopped for a rest in the middle.

I popped out over a small cross after people went into other paddocks. Shaz was watching & said it was her nicest jump of the night.

Indy got a carrot, we had chips (nom nom), then drove home and gave her some oats for dinner.
She was a star & I am very, very happy with her!

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