Friday, October 29, 2010

Another update from Trisha

Trisha sent me this email before she left for her weekend teaching in the Manawatu. Awesome progress: anything that helps her lengthen her walk has got to be a good thing!

I will pop up during the weekend for groundworkand perhaps a short ride. If I can coerce someone into coming with me, I will be able to get them to take pics.

Indy has done great this week ;-)

I've 1-lined her in trot twice; at first I wondered if it was fair, because she was quite choppy and toe first.  But I trotted her over the labyrinth poles, and she did well, stretching and lifting much better.  Yesterday when I rode her afterwards she seemed to have a longer walk, yay, so I think that helps.  She is haltering and bridling really well.  No problems girthing at all.  Ridden, she now has a soft backup, and a nice turn on the forehand each way.  She feels soft and balanced when walking and turning, and is nice and soft with the bit now.

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