Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Indy was a baggage today... She quite happily came up to me in the paddock, then departed before I could halter her.


I resorted to taking Cruise out of the paddock without her! THEN she wanted to be caught... I took a 2nd (long!) lead rope with me and looped it round her neck before asking her to lower her head for the halter, and the baggage thought about departing again!!

Trisha said she had not worked with Indy consistently for the past couple of days due to the weather. This battle seems to be one I am going to have to win by pure day-after-day persistance.

Once in the yard, I gave her a quick brush as Trisha filled me in on progress since my last visit. As usual, there are holes which seem to re-appear as if filled with quicksand. However, she is softer, lighter, and easier to deal with, so Trisha's work IS paying off!

Trisha tacked Indy up (yet another battle of wills to get her to lower her head nicely!). I gave her a few oats to reward her once the bridle was on and we made our way out to the arena.

She is starting off nicer and easier. Trisha has introduced some turn on the forehand stuff (mostly asking for just an 'inclincation' of a step sideways to start). She has also done some backing as indy was like a brick wall when asked to back from the reins.
Another new thing is Indy's acceptance of two-rein work. She is a lot smoother and doesn't stall anymore.

Trisha has also been practicing meeting and melting with the reins, when she picks them up. Indy is trying to work out why Trisha wants... what does she want again?! All we're looking for at the moment is a nice, soft response to the gentle picking up of the reins.

Meet, melt :)

Then I got to see some groundwork (mostly two-rein work).

Trisha mentioned that Indy is a bit short-strided still, despite the 3 ET sessions freeing her up substantially. I mentioned I'd seen she was landing toe-first in last week's photos... As they walked a couple more small circles, Trisha commented she could see and feel that Indy was scuffing the sand up as she dug her toes in with each step (something for the trimmer to address, huh!!!!).

I picked up the CR rope and walked her to the mounting block to get on. All good! She is starting to feel like a really "solid citizen." I don't feel the uncertainty and lack of knowledge that was present only a few weeks ago. She walked right off.

I had did a little more "purpose" than previously - I asked for some nice bending, a couple of simple changes of rein on a sort of figure 8 shape. I really have to remember my rotation around the bend. Changing rotation helps keep her balanced. When I forget to own my elbows (specifically the outside one), she drifts the direction *she* wants to go as opposed to the way I think we should head. She offered a little trot, which was quite balanced.

I took quite a few photos... Trisha even took a few pics of me riding! I'll have to load the photos up another day.

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