Wednesday, October 27, 2010

An update from Trisha

We're into week 4 ;-)

Indy has been great the last 2 days, haltering really nicely.  I think it's helped that we are putting halter and bridle on, and having to switch the reins back and forward!

[On Sunday we realised that working in the halter first and then adding bridle later meant a lot more repetition with Indy needing to lower her head for things to get over her ears: halter, CR rope to start; CR rope back, reins over, then bridle, then CR rope again to bridle; and finally CR rope, reins, bridle and halter off when done.]

We've been doing a little backing up, and it's getting much softer in front - still a tiny bit stuck behind, but good enough for everything that's going on with her.  The turn on the forehand is good now, too, and she's nice and soft in the bridle when walking and turning.

She still walked away from me the last 2 days when I went to catch her, and yesterday, because he couldn't see her, Cruise hooned around the whole time I was on her.  She's very good, doesn't seem to be at all bothered about that.  I was fed up with Cruise tho and that's not good for him, so I went ahead and put him in with my lot.  This morning Hunter is still keeping him away from his girls!  Indy has called for Cruise but that's all, she's quite settled.  So we'll see how she catches today!

[I found Indy was quite OK with Scarlett going away, but did call out as if to say "get back here!" and always watched until Scarlett was back. Indy was fine leaving Scarlett, too. I have just gone about what I need to do with them both as if the other wasn't there, as I will NOT have two horses who are completely dependant on each other.]

Trisha is away this weekend in the Manawatu but I will aim to go up for at least some groundwork with Indy. If I can find Ian, I might hop on and have a ride in the round pen. I'll see how the groundwork goes first though!

Now I just have to sort through and load up Sunday's photos......

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