Sunday, October 17, 2010

No visit & some other snippets

I'm not going up to visit Indy today. Trisha was away yesterday in Auckland for lessons. I was going to squeeze in a visit before Faith & I head to Auckland for two days trimming with Penny.
However, the weather has packed in (according to Trisha it's "totally foul" !). So, I'll head up on Wednesday next week, weather permitting.
She is definitely due to have her feet trimmed - I should have done it last week! - and I also need to take hoof pics, now that my faulty Cybershot camera has been replaced.

I took Scarlett out this morning to beat the forecast bad weather; we had a lovely ride. She is starting to come right after Tuesday's float trip and her sore feet... I uncovered a couple of abscesses in her hind feet last time I trimmed, and had loaned her boots to my client for a couple of weeks. I had more (second hand) boots to use in the meantime, but something about them wasn't right: she was quite ouchy in them. I got her boots back yesterday and she seems to be happier already. We even cantered down a couple of stretches of good grass verge on the way home.

I'm off to pick up my friend Liz's float shortly, then Faith & I will depart for Kumeu. A boardie, Vanessa, has very kindly offered one of her lovely Connemara mares to Liz & her daughter Teri, on lease until next year. Vanessa's grazing is about 20 kms from Penny's so I volunteered to be driver ;)
We'll collect Bridgette on our way home on Tuesday evening and bring her back to Tamahere. I promised Vanessa "arrival" photos but it might be dark by the time we deliver the pony! Oh well, I'll have to go past next weekend instead :)

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